Joanna Newsom Appears Briefly in the New Trailer for ‘Inherent Vice’

Lindsay Hood

By Lindsay Hood

on 12.09.14 in News

Just yesterday, Joanna Newsom was telling us that now that she’s done filming Paul Thomas Anderson’s Inherent Vice, she’ll have time to work on new music. And while the harpist is prepping the follow-up to 2010′s Have One On Me, we still have the film itself to look forward to.

In the latest trailer for the movie, Newsom appears briefly (blink and you’ll miss her) on the front porch of Doc’s house. She’s also taking a ride in the passenger seat of his car. It features new narration from Newsom and new scenes from the movie as well.

Newsom is not the only well-known musician that Anderson tapped for his project. Fellow friend, and Radiohead guitarist, Jonny Greenwood scored the film; he even included a cover of Radiohead’s “Spooks” in the tracklist. Greenwood and Anderson had previously worked together on 2007′s There Will Be Blood.

Inherent Vice will be released in select cities this Friday, December 12, with a wider release on January 9.