Jay Z Reportedly Meeting With New York Governor About Eric Garner Case

Dan Reilly

By Dan Reilly

on 12.10.14 in News

UPDATE: Melissa DeRosa, one of the spokespeople from Governor Cuomo’s office confirmed to The New York Post that Jay Z and the governor met yesterday.

According to Daily Kos writer and activist Shaun King, Jay Z is meeting today with New York Governor Andrew Cuomo to insist the politician brings in a special prosecutor to investigate the death of Eric Garner, the unarmed Staten Island man who died after being choked by a police officer.

King offers a long look at Jay’s involvement in this case, the protests in Ferguson, and many other causes involving minorities:

Jay Z is meeting Today with New York Gov. Mario Cuomo [Note: Mario Cuomo is a former New York Governor and the father of the current one, Andrew]  to urge him to appoint a special prosecutor in the choking death of Eric Garner. Jay has paid and is still paying for the tuition of the children of NYPD shooting victim Sean Bell. Quietly, Jay has given financially to people working on the ground in Ferguson. Quietly, Jay has supported justice for those discriminated against in the trans community. Jay has paid to send HUNDREDS of high school students, who, by the way, are very often on the margins of society and actually have to have a GPA of 2.7 or below, through college.

The whole article is mainly a rebuttal of the many criticisms against Jay Z recently, like how he didn’t wear an “I Can’t Breathe” t-shirt, Garner’s words as he was being tackled, at a recent NBA game, though he did provide them to several players on the Brooklyn Nets. King also mentions that Jay Z is incredibly private, though he did appear alongside Beyoncé at a rally for Trayvon Martin, declining to speak.

While Jay probably doesn’t give much thought to the haters, he did at least successfully defend himself against a lawsuit that claimed he owed money for sampling the word “oh” on 2009′s “Run This Town.” According to the Hollywood Reporter, the original utterance came from Eddie Bo’s 1969 song “Hook & Sling Part 1,” but a judge ruled that the sample is “at best, only barely perceptible to the average listener.” So, Jay has that going for him.