Jarvis Cocker Discusses Pulp Documentary, New Songs

Andrew Parks

By Andrew Parks

on 05.29.14 in News

Pulp have shared the official trailer for A Film About Life, Death and Supermarkets, a documentary about the band’s 2011-2012 reunion tour and their final show back home in Sheffield. As you can see in Jarvis Cocker’s handwritten note below, it’ll receive a proper European premiere on June 7 as part of the city’s Doc/Fest. Since that event is already sold out, a lengthy list of UK theaters will simulcasting the movie and a special post-screening Q&A with Cocker and the rest of the Pulp crew.

No word on a U.S. release yet, but Cocker had this to say in a recent interview with The Observer: “Even though I’ve been transplanted to London and other places, Sheffield’s where I come from. It can be frustrating sometimes, but it colors the way I view the world. One of the amazing things about the film was seeing all these Sheffield characters I thought had disappeared. The director spent a lot of time in the Castle Market, where I worked as a fishmonger when I was a teenager, and he spoke to some great characters. I didn’t know there were still people like that in Sheffield.”

As for how the frontman feels about the reunion itself, he added, “It was good to realize that we hadn’t wasted all our youth — that we’d done something that had a bit of life and energy in it.”

While there are no plans for any new Pulp material, Cocker said he’s taking some time off from his popular radio program to see if he has another solo record in him. “Whether it’s to impress girls, or whatever, music is the thing that has become my means of self-expression,” he explained, “so this year I’m taking a break from the radio show to find out if I’ve got any interesting songs left to write or whether I’ve written them all.”