James Murphy Will Drum for Dungbeetle This Weekend

Lindsay Hood

By Lindsay Hood

on 11.21.14 in News

By now, we’re used to James Murphy popping up in all sorts of weird places. If he’s not scoring the new Noah Baumbach film, then he’s taken over your cup o’ Joe. Or he’s at the US Open creating algorithms that spit out pieces of music to pair with each individual match. Or perhaps he’s in the New York City subway system, scheming on ways to make the turnstiles sound better.

But according to Brooklyn Vegan, this weekend he’ll be at Le Poisson Rouge. Why you ask? Well, he’s going to hop on the drums and join art-punk band Dungbeetle for their reunion. The group, led by author Sam Lipsyte, decided to perform in celebration of art magazine Radio Silence’s third issue.

Apparently, Murphy was a sound technician for the group back when they formed in the 80s, and ever since LCD Soundsystem broke up he’s been on the hunt for anything that will keep him busy, so this all make a strange sort of sense. Why not?

Tickets are still available for the event tomorrow night if you’re interested.

Le Poisson Rouge