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Jade Tree Issues ‘Comeback’ Statement, Puts Back Catalog on Bandcamp

Andrew Parks

By Andrew Parks

on 06.11.14 in News

A few weeks ago, Brooklyn Vegan put up a post with the headline “Jade Tree is back,” suggesting that their recent Dark Blue signing was an indication that the long dormant label would be relaunching on the back of the recent ‘emo revival’. Well co-owner Darren Walters sees things differently; in a lengthy statement issued at Billboard, the DIY-or-die vet explains what the imprint’s been up to all these years, why they waded into digital waters more carefully than most, and what they plan on doing in the months ahead.

“[Co-owner] Tim [Owen] and I made a bold decision,” Walters said of the pair’s imminent plans. “We would stop drawing paychecks from the label. The rationale was that this would enable us to make decisions based on artist merit only. Not that we had ever abandoned this model, but it felt necessary to preserve the ideals on which Jade Tree was established. Giving up being sustained by the label would help us work entirely on passion projects and move at a pace that would help to regain control of the label Tim and I love.

“What changed?” he continued. “Time elapsed. Some people thought Jade Tree stopped releasing records. Some think Jade Tree is making a comeback. Neither is true. The label was always here, operating, maintaining. So what is Jade Tree’s next move? The release schedule is ramping up and the next few months will see an increased output which will dwarf the last few years.”

To punctuate this point, Jade Tree put their entire catalog on Bandcamp today, with albums going for just $5. Here are a few standout releases to get you started, along with that new Dark Blue single…