OFF! and Jack Black Have a Skydiving Nightmare in “Over Our Heads” Video

Dan Reilly

By Dan Reilly

on 12.03.14 in News

OFF!’s new video for “Over Our Heads” is basically a “what not to do” guide for anyone interested in skydiving. The lessons? Don’t hire Jack Black as your instructor, don’t drop acid beforehand, don’t rely on your bandmates to help you if you get severely injured, don’t forget to bring your own water, and don’t forget to watch your back when you’re out in the wild. The plot of the video is that OFF! frontman Keith Morris wants to jump out of an airplane for his 59th birthday, and he brings bandmates Dimitri Coats and Steven McDonald along for the trip. Hilarity, death, and more ensue.

The Jimmy Hayward-directed video ends on a cliffhanger, which will be resolved next week when the band releases the visuals for “Meet Your God,” which is also featured on the punk group’s third album, Wasted Years. There’s no indication of what that plot will entail, but we’ll assume that drummer Mario Rubalcabra, who’s conspicuously absent here, will play a big part in it. Enjoy it below (unless you’re not into a touch of gore, profanity, and a man drinking his own urine in order to survive).