Interpol’s Daniel Kessler Reveals Big Noble Side Project

Lindsay Hood

By Lindsay Hood

on 10.02.14 in News

It’s been quite a year for Interpol. Bassist Carlos Dengler left the group shortly after they recorded their self-titled album in 2010, and the group took a two year hiatus before heading back into the studio. The result was their fifth album El Pintor, released in September and backed by a four month tour, which sparked a revival for the trio.

While lead singer Paul Banks has his solo work as Julian Plenti, guitarist Daniel Kessler has just announced a side project as well.

Big Noble is Kessler’s work with Joseph Fraioli, sound designer and founder of Jafbox Sound. Their debut album will not be out until 2015, but in the meantime the duo participated in a “Sounds of NYC” installation at Sonos Studios NYC. It is described as:

[A]n interactive conceptual map of New York made from more than 300 Sonos PLAY:1 speakers and subs. We collaborated with interactive tech collective Perfect Fools to craft this ‘living’ piece of art that will automatically react to people moving in front of it. We are working with duo Big Noble (Daniel Kessler of Interpol and sound designer & artist Joseph Fraioli) to create an original soundscape for the installation and reimagine their upcoming NYC-inspired soundscape ‘First Light’ with motion, depth and field recordings from New York.

Google Play is helping us power the installation’s music experience, and renowned New York DJs and music producers Wolf+Lamb have curated the playlists incorporated into the installation to celebrate the long and rich history of music in the city.

You can check out a video for the installation below and read the Wondering Sound’s feature on Interpol here.