iLoveMakonnen Approves Andy Milonakis Video For “Too Much”

Andrew Parks

By Andrew Parks

on 10.06.14 in News

In one of the stranger developments around the steady rise of iLoveMakonnen, comedian/former RiFF RAFF bandmate Andy Milonakis has directed and starred in an authorized clip for “Too Much.” Inspired by the makeup-streaked mannequin that’s featured on the rapper/singer’s album art, it’s as if the movie Mannequin were remade with a washed-up clown.

“I looked up young based Makonnen and found his melodies and vibe really touching and addictive,” Milonakis explained in an E-mail interview with Complex. “Especially the mannequin he uses over and over again as EP graphics and as the star of some of his videos. I’m very into doing comedy with inanimate objects and was really inspired by how weird and creative the use of the mannequin was. I connected with it somehow and had an idea of turning the mask human.”

Have a look at the impromptu clip — shot by Milonakis’ recurring collaborator, Chris Siegel — below: