Toronto Film Festival Says, “Happy Bill Murray Day!”

Lindsay Hood

By Lindsay Hood

on 09.05.14 in News

September 5, 2014, is about to go down as a rather important day in history. The Toronto Film Festival has dedicated the next 24 hours to our favorite Ghostbuster. That’s right. Today is Bill Murray Day.

If you weren’t aware, the legendary actor actually has quite the musical history. It begins with Murray’s classic Saturday Night Live character, Nick Winters. He reprised a version of the character for the 25th anniversary of SNL and sang “Waterfalls” to Drew Barrymore, before finishing off with Bruce Springsteen’s “Badlands” accompanied by Paul Shaffer.

Speaking of Shaffer, Murray was also one of David Letterman’s favorite recurring guests and he often used these talkshow opportunities to show off his singing prowess. On the very first episode of Late Night with David Letterman, Murray performed “Let’s Get Physical” for the host.

He returned for the 20th anniversary of the show to sing “I Will Always You” dressed as Liberace, because he is Bill “F—–G” Murray.

He frequently appeared at the Crossroads Guitar Festival to play with Eric Clapton wearing all sorts of get-ups; including Elvis Presley, Billy Holly and Jimi Hendrix.

Murray is also well known for popping up in a host of oddball places like a bachelor party in South Carolina and Cornell University’s Marching Band practice. But you can always count on him to host his annual Caddyshack Celebrity Golf Charity Event where he likes to hop on the mic.

Remember when Sofia Coppola made him sing karaoke with Scarlett Johannsson during Lost in Translation?

Or the time that he dropped in on GZA and RZA at the behest of Jim Jarmusch? (Damn. That don’t sound too good, Bill Murray!)

Bill Murray, you are the best. Never leave us. Happy Bill Murray Day, everyone!