Happy 1017 Day: The 5 Best Brick Squad Cuts You Haven’t Thought About In Awhile

Claire Lobenfeld

By Claire Lobenfeld

on 10.17.14 in News

Today is October 17, the year of two thousand and fourteen anno domini and it is the who-even-knows annual day to celebrate Gucci Mane and 1017 Brick Squad. Despite the fact that La Flare is sitting in a jail cell until further notice, it hasn’t stopped him from being his insanely prolific self and he has released Trap God 3 on iTunes in honor of today’s date. Some guys have all the fun, so we’re going to get in on it too. We’re bumping that Brick Squad BS all day for Gooch (even better-than-you-remember “Whip Appeal,” White Girl Mob haters be damned), so we wanted to share.

Check out the five best Brick Squad cuts you haven’t thought about in awhile below.

Gucci Mane Feat. Chris Brown and Lil Wayne, “Cyeah”

Gucci isn’t really one for romance — he does, after all, rap “I don’t really do this, but babygirl I might…” — but a Polow Da Don beat is always wont for this kind of stuff. But aside from that oddity, this track feels more appropriate right now than it did when it was released 2012. Does he-who-shall-not-be-named rap, “Flow sick/ Track Ebola”? Yes, he does. And it’s a weird thing to hear right after Brown declared that Ebola is a form of population control. Sure, buddy. The saving grace is Lil Wayne praising pubic hair — “I don’t like bald pussy/ I like wolf pussy” — bookending it as a song in total reverence of women. In the year that T.I. basically declared that you are mediocre if you’re not totally shaved and Wiz and Future think “pussy overrated,” this is a special track to revisit.

Gucci Mane, “Weirdo”

Not as creative as his other oddball declaration, “Weirdo” is still winding and wild. Yes, we know Gooch is totally bizarre, but that he raps that part of the reason why he is is because of how expensive his jewelry is or because of his bedroom prowess, it stops being funny and becomes one of the most out-there flexes ever performed in rap.

D Dash Bo Feat. Waka Flocka Flame, Reeseman Kackalacka and Slim Dunkin, “80s Baby”

A lost gem from the cooling period between “O, Let’s Do It” and “Hard In The Paint,” “80s Baby” is a posse that collects a lot of unknowns who were claiming Brick Squad at the time, but have floated into the ether. Waka is not the star of the track, Slim Dunkin (RIP), of course, but when Reeseman jumps in to starting listing birthdays some kind of otherworldly crunk magic happens. It makes you want to take the next flight to Atlanta and either mob with or slap the first person you see.

Young Scooter, “Colombia”

There’s a reason we called these “deep-ish” cuts. This is Scooter’s biggest hit, period, but it didn’t totally get the burn it deserved because it came to us in the winter. Imagine he waited for the summer? This deserved windows-open season. It was also a good glimpse into how Gucci is a great curator. Sure, we’ll always have “Make The Trap Say Aye” as evidence — even a pre-twerk Miley is a Juiceman fan — but Scooter and Young Thug, more so than Waka, showed us Gucci has a pristine eye on the future.

Young Thug, “Two Cups Stuffed”

DRAMA! Young Thug is famously no longer a member of 1017 and while the details of his union with Cash Money are still a little fuzzy it doesn’t mean we can’t look back to the time he endeared himself to the pre-”Stoner” early adopters. “Two Cups Stuffed” is quintessential Thugger: Ebullient, infectiously repetitious, sing-songy and totally unglued. How is he not more famous?