Grimes Reflects on Being a Boss for ‘Rookie Yearbook Three’

Lindsay Hood

By Lindsay Hood

on 10.10.14 in News

Rookie Yearbook Three, the print project of Tavi Gevinson’s website Rookie, will be available on October 21. Today over on Elle, they ran an excerpt of the Claire Boucher essay that will soon be featured in the upcoming collection.

Boucher, better known by her stage name Grimes, reflected on the lessons that she has learned as the head of Grimes Creative Corp and Fairy Tour Corp, in addition to running Roco-Prime Productions with her brother Mac. The excerpt ranges from silly to serious (at one point she suggests, “drinking a bit of straight hot sauce” for an energy boost), but overall Boucher addresses the lack of confidence that women often face in positions of authority and how she works to overcome this anxiety. She suggests:

Really, the most important thing is eliminating self-doubt. This is basically impossible for me, but I’ve found that if I act like a boss, I can convince myself that I am a boss when I need to be one. I copy things that I’ve seen politicians and actors do; I make eye contact with people; I try to keep my shoulders back and my head high; I gesticulate wildly and sometimes take long pauses (silence can be very intimidating). I try to act like I’m powerful, onstage and off. I am often treated with disrespect, but I respond as respectfully as I can, because it makes trolls look stupid when you don’t stumble. As time has gone by, I’ve noticed that the crappy people have been phasing out and I’m surrounded more and more by people I trust, and with whom I share mutual respect—which, by the way, breeds real confidence.

Boucher’s honesty is an excellent lesson for young women to absorb, and it also serves as a nice reminder for those of us who have already gone through this experience on many occasions.

Boucher is currently working on a new album. You can watch her recent video for “Go” featuring Blood Orange below. You can also pre-order Rookie Yearbook Three on their website.