Grimes Fan Launches Boiler Room Petition Over Her Pop Set

Andrew Parks

By Andrew Parks

on 09.11.14 in News

Last summer, Grimes played what will go down as one of the most contentious sets in Boiler Room history. Appearing at Richie Hawtin’s Ibiza house, she skipped the dance songs many Boiler Room guests rely on and focused on Top 40 music instead, including Taylor Swift, Venga Boys, and that holiday classic “All I Want For Christmas Is You.” Since Boiler Room is essentially holy ground for the gatekeepers of underground electronic music, the move was considered a mere stunt, meant to rile up deadly serious DJs and producers.

To which Grimes replied on Twitter, “Oh god, I wasn’t trolling Boiler Room. I don’t think there is a DJ rule book. I will leave it at this: nothing about anything I do is ironic.”

Which is probably true; Grimes has proclaimed her love of everyone from Mariah Carey to Marilyn Manson in the past, with little regard for racking up cool points or being viewed as a button-pushing contrarian. That hasn’t stopped Boiler Room from pretending the set never happened, though, so a British Grimes fan under the name Queer Hawk has posted a petition on to “#FREEGRIMES”.

“Probably the best set ever played in the history of Boiler Room,” the person writes, “but they can’t get past their own pretentiousness to see that.”

As of right now, the post has more than 700 supporters, making the likelihood of Boiler Room finally sharing the contentious set better than its status a few weeks ago: dead and buried. In the meantime, check out a Boiler Room bill Grimes would have fit on perfectly — QT and Sophie — here, and her new “Go” video down below…

Grimes, 'Go'

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