Githead Premiere Moody Time-Lapse Video for “Not Coming Down”

Wondering Sound Staff

By Wondering Sound Staff

on 11.26.14 in News

Githead’s lineup is a veritable Who’s-Who of post-punk: Colin Newman of Wire, Malka Spigel and Max Franken of Minimal Compact and Robin Rimbaud, who records as Scanner, but the music they make together has its own distinct, unique power. You can hear all of that in “Not Coming Down,” a song that’s as much mood as it is music. The song begins with a steady, chugging rhythm, repeated again and again until it becomes almost hypnotic. It’s rigid and severe and bass-driven, cutting like the teeth of an old rusted saw. But when the vocals finally arrive — repeating the song’s title again and again — they’re rippling and delicate, the kind of light, gauzy delivery that typically accompanies classic shoegaze. But there’s nothing dreamy about “Not Coming Down.” Though its overall feel is mesmeric, there’s a drive and desperation and severity to it that makes it feel stern and forceful.

Githead’s Waiting for a Sign will be released on December 8.