Gerard Way Discusses Brit Pop-Inspired Solo Album

Andrew Parks

By Andrew Parks

on 06.13.14 in News

Of all the bands that dominated the supposed ‘mall-punk scene’ over the past decade, My Chemical Romance was easily one of the most misunderstood. As willfully melodramatic as their breakthrough single “Helena” was, the band’s follow-up (2006′s The Black Parade) was actually quite a faithful, fulfilling take on glitter-dusted glam-rock. Seriously; go back and listen to it. Not so bad right?

With that in mind, we probably shouldn’t be surprised that singer Gerard Way is going the Brit-pop route with his first solo LP since My Chemical Romance split last year. “I found a new love for music by making this record,” he told BBC Radio 1 DJ Zane Lowe recently (via NME). “To run away from music or hide from it just because one stage of my life was ending? To me that would be really tragic to stop.”

He went on to say that the album is “about positive alienation” and “discovering my place in music.” In a separate NME interview, Frances Bean Cobain — one of Way’s longtime friends — weighed in on the record as follows: “He’s been working on this project for a while and its sound and vibe is the polar opposite from My Chemical Romance. I’ve watched him evolve over nine years of friendship and I think this is the best music he’s ever produced. It’s gritty, stripped down, raw and lyrically poetic in a way he hasn’t explored before. It’s gonna knock people on their asses, whether it’s a positive reaction or not.”

Here’s the first song to emerge from Way’s solo sessions; he plays his first solo shows at the Reading and Leeds festivals this summer…