Gary Numan Discusses Novel, ‘From Inside’ Film Score

Andrew Parks

By Andrew Parks

on 10.14.14 in News

As Gary Numan gets set to finally wrap his Splinter tour, the synth-pop pioneer is already planning on starting his next album in January. Numan has a couple things to clear off his calendar first, though, starting with an as-yet-untitled novel debut.

“It’s nice to do something creative that’s not about music,” Numan explained to Billboard. “I think it helps the whole creative flow — it opens doors in your mind. The greater variety of creative things you can do just helps in general to not get blocked.”

Speaking of side projects, Numan recently wrapped his first score in 23 years for the John Bergin film From Inside. While the animated movie was originally released with different music, Numan’s much more orchestral cut will be applied to its deluxe edition on October 21.

“The way I put tunes together, how I layer them and produce them has gotten much, much better,” Numan said of how his songwriting process has changed over the past couple decades. “As a basic requirement, you need melodies for a film. With my own music, on albums, I do the music first and let the atmosphere of the music guide it from a lyrical point of view. In a way, that’s identical to working in film. It’s about an atmosphere that you’re trying to create, so it hasn’t seemed to be a big jump of working from one way to another.”

Check out a From Inside trailer below, along with Numan’s final tour dates of 2014.