Gardens & Villa Premiere N.O. Joe Remix of “Domino”

Wondering Sound Staff

By Wondering Sound Staff

on 11.25.14 in News

It’s amazing bands have time to get much of anything done in Austin during SXSW outside of playing 700 shows and eating their weight in tacos, but the California group Gardens & Villa somehow found time to connect with legendary producer N.O. Joe, the producer who’s appeared on legendary records by the Geto Boys, UGK, LL Cool J and more. The result of that encounter is this dense, dreamlike remix of the group’s “Domino.” In this version, the emphasis is put on the throbbing, electro-funk bassline, keeping all other ornamentation to a minimum (save a darking flute-like synth phrase that periodically chirps from above). The high point comes with the arrival of Houston rapper Spuf Don, whose easy, limber verses perfectly offset the track’s light-as-air production.