Future Fires Up “Coupe,” Street Races Satan in Animated Video

Marc Hogan

By Marc Hogan

Lead News Writer
on 07.25.14 in News

Future hasn’t taken his foot off the gas. Already this year, the Atlanta-based Auto-crooner idiosyncratically crowd-pleasing Honest, gone on tour and, oh yes, welcomed a son with R&B slayer Ciara. Now, Noisey has premiered the new song “Coupe” and its wickedly warped animated video, all part of Adult Swim’s singles series. If Honest veers between gritty onslaughts like “Move That Dope” and weirdly earnest swooners like “I Won,” this song is closer to the former — but it’s sleek, moonlit and midtempo, befitting its subject matter (uh, driving a coupe). You can download the track here starting July 28, and below, watch the visuals, wherein Nayvadius Cash’s cartoon doppelganger lives it up in his flashy ride, even testing his turbo against the devil himself, “until” — here I’ll let the YouTube description tell it — “his mom finds out.” Hi, Mom!

Future, 'Coupe'

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