Fugazi Share Full ‘First Demo’ Album

Marc Hogan

By Marc Hogan

Lead News Writer
on 11.14.14 in News

Now for a glimpse into post-hardcore history. Fugazi are getting set to release their first demo tape, recorded in 1988, as First Demo on November 18 via Dischord. They’ve already shared the demo version of “Merchandise,” of which our own Andrew Parks writes, “A few details were fine-tuned before these tracks landed on Fugazi’s proper studio records, but the framework for a revolution — however small it may be — is already there on First Demo.”

Fugazi cut their demo tape at Arlington, Virginia’s Inner Ear Studio after only 10 shows together. Once the band decided the recordings would be a demo, they released it as a free cassette, encouraging fans to share copies. Only one of the songs, “In Defense of Humans,” went on to receive a more official release, appearing on 1989′s State of the Union compilation. The First Demo reissue also includes one song, “Turn Off Your Guns,” that wasn’t on the original cassette.

First Demo arrives as Fugazi have completed their Fugazi Live Series website, which details all of the band’s shows and unearths nearly 900 concert recordings, along with a vast trove of related memorabilia. Room in there somewhere for Arcade Fire‘s recent “Waiting Room” cover in Washington, D.C.?