French Court Finds Varg Vikernes Guilty of Inciting Racial Hatred

Andrew Parks

By Andrew Parks

on 07.09.14 in News

According to the Norwegian news site The Local (via FACT), a French court has found Burzum frontman Varg Vikernes guilty of inciting racial hatred and defending war crimes via his Web site. Vikernes (whose real name is Kristian) and his lawyer were not present in court as his verdict was read. The 41 year old is facing a $10,000 fine and six months of probation for blog posts written between March and June of 2013.

In an earlier court appearance, the controversial black-metal figure claimed he did not write any of the hateful material in question and blamed a Danish interpreter for misunderstanding him when he was briefly held in custody last July. That’d be when he was accused of “preparing a massacre,” due to his connection to Anders Brevik. The mass murderer had sent Vikernes his manifesto, to which the musician wrote, “I can only say I hope you do kill yourself… you have made a big mistake.”

He continued, “Today we are on the offensive. For the first time in many decades. The final solution to this problem is not to kill anyone, but to raise our children with European ideals and values, and a European world view, and make sure that Christianity dies out when our coward parent generation dies out.”

Vikernes is best known for his connection to the church burnings and murder (of former Mayhem frontman Øystein Aarseth) that marred the reputation of black-metal in the ’90s and earned him a 21-year prison sentence. He was released and put on parole in 2009, however, after serving a little under 15 years.

“Buzum is complicated,” Mount Eerie frontman Phil Everum told us in an earlier feature that referenced his influential early records. “He’s an asshole, you know? A horrible person – a racist, and I also don’t like that much of his music. I really liked his Belus album because it’s trippy and deep, but I don’t know… I heard about Norwegian black metal by reputation before I heard any of the music.”