Foxygen Announce New Double Album, ‘…And Star Power’

Andrew Parks

By Andrew Parks

on 07.30.14 in News

After taking some time off to heal old wounds and an actual broken leg, Foxygen are back with a new double album called …And Star Power. Due out October 14 through Jagjaguwar, the 24-track record is described as “the radio station that you can hear only if you believe … a CINEMATIC AUDITORY ADVENTURE for the speedy freaks, skull krunchers, abductees, and misfits.”

Which is really the duo’s way of saying they’re still making slightly reverential psych-rock music, what MGMT would be doing if they hadn’t walked off the deep end a while ago. Check out the horn-laced “How Can You Really” below along with cover art and a complete tracklisting…

Foxygen - '...And Star Power' album art

Foxygen, …And Star Power (Jagjaguwar, October 14):
1. Star Power Airlines
2. How Can You Really
3. Coulda Been My Love
4. Cosmic Vibrations
5. You & I
6. Star Power I: Overture
7. Star Power II: Star Power Nite
8. Star Power III: What Are We Good For
9. Star Power IV: Ooh Ooh
10. I Don’t Have Anything/The Gate
11. Mattress Warehouse
12. 666
13. Flowers
14. Wally’s Farm
15. Cannibal Holocaust
16. Hot Summer
17. Cold Winter/Freedom
18. Can’t Contextualize My Mind
19. Brooklyn Police Station
20. The Game
21. Freedom II
22. Talk
23. Everyone Needs Love
24. Hang