Former Replacements Roadie Launches Photo Diary Campaign

Andrew Parks

By Andrew Parks

on 07.22.14 in News

As The Replacements continue to enjoy their reunion tour — including slapdash dates with Green Day frontman Billie Joe Armstrong — one of the band’s former roadies is planning to release a photo diary of their early tours. Entitled Lemon Jail, the Kickstarter project covers the particularly scrappy period of 1983-1986, which started right after the release of their Stink EP and ended around the international Tim tour.

“In 1981 at the age of 21,” writes Bill Sullivan, “I was as uncool to the scene as I am now at 54, when my junior high friend Tom Carlson turned me on to The Replacements. We were working as night guards at The Walker Art Center heavily under the influence of the brilliant Tim Carr. Carton (as he became to be known) had been helping their manager, Peter Jesperson by carting gear around. I wormed my way in as a driver/gopher by cornering Westerberg and offering my services at no charge. It was an offer he could have refused. Instead, in 1983 I quit my last ‘real’ job.”

Backer rewards range from a Kickstarter exclusive hardcover book and a digital edition ($25) to a signed copy and hand-numbered 20×24 print ($575). As for where your money will go, Sullivan is pretty straightforward about that, saying:

I need to digitize and clean up hundreds of Photos and Negatives
I need to clean up my memory, to tell the corresponding stories.
I need to finalize a printing plan with a publisher.
I need to do this now so I can grow up. And move on to the next book.

Here’s a short ‘trailer’: