Flying Lotus Says Kendrick Lamar Took All His Captain Murphy Beats

Andrew Parks

By Andrew Parks

on 08.19.14 in News

If you’re wondering why Flying Lotus hasn’t released an proper album under his Captain Murphy alias yet — just an Adult Swim single and mixtape — blame Kendrick Lamar. According to an upcoming Pitchfork interview, the rapper cut new verses over 12 or 13 of the tracks Flying Lotus set aside for the Captain Murphy LP, but it’s unclear whether “they’re ever gonna see the light of day.”

“I went on tour and he recorded to a bunch of my songs,” the producer/part-time MC explained. “I don’t know if he’s gonna use them or not, but he recorded a bunch of stuff, which is why there’s no Captain Murphy album out yet. He took all my beats!”

As Flying Lotus awaits official word of where his tracks will ultimately land, we can expect at least one FlyLo x Lamar collab in the coming months: “Never Catch Me,” a song off the You’re Dead! album Warp will be releasing on October 7. It’s one of two Flying Lotus songs Lamar lent his rhymes to; the other was removed from the final rundown for “political reasons.”

Far less political but equally important in the scrapped department was a Pharrell appearance on “Siren Song” alongside Angel Deradoorian. “I think the concept of the album was kind of off-putting to him a little bit ’cause he’s, for lack of a better word, happy,” Flying Lotus explained. “I think it might’ve been a little much for him, that trip — You’re Dead!.”

Check out the album’s eye-searing trailer below, and some Flying Lotus beats Schoolboy Q didn’t end up using here