Flying Lotus and Kendrick Lamar’s “Never Catch Me” Video Escapes

Marc Hogan

By Marc Hogan

Lead News Writer
on 10.02.14 in News

Flying Lotus‘s upcoming album is titled You’re Dead!, but the new video for the record’s high-profile Kendrick Lamar guest spot drives home the perverse joy in that exclamation point. When “Never Catch Me” premiered early last month, DJ tags and low-quality audio muddied the astral-rap afterlife contemplation. If anyone was left unclear about the song’s transcendent sweep, though, the visuals should set them straight in a powerfully rhapsodic way. Director Hiro Murai (Shabazz Palaces, Spoon) brings us to the funeral for a young boy and girl, using the track as inspiration for his own riffs on the idea of life after death.

As the image above suggests, the dearly beloved rise again, recognizing the heady production as dance music and moving their bodies accordingly as the assembled congregation mimes along with the handclaps. There’s grist for this in Lamar’s thoughtfully intoned lyrics — “Looking down on my soul now … I can unite with you that I love … Embalming fluid waiting” — but Murai takes it to a different (higher?) place. I won’t spoil it any further, except to say: It’s one of those videos that make a gorgeous song even more memorable, and unlike Lamar’s recent Prince collaboration, you can easily watch the whole thing below.