Fleetwood Mac Wrap New Album Sessions at ‘Tusk’ Studio

Andrew Parks

By Andrew Parks

on 05.09.14 in News

According to a Billboard story, Fleetwood Mac have just finished a two-month session at the L.A. studio where they recorded the classic 1979 album Tusk. While Stevie Nicks sat this one out — according to singer/guitarist Lindsey Buckingham, she’ll add her parts as soon as “about 14 or 15 things” are addressed — this marks the first time keyboardist/singer Christine McVie has participated in a new Fleetwood Mac album since 1987′s Tango in the Night album.

“It just took on a life of its own for sure,” Buckingham said of McVie’s involvement after a 16-year break. “For years I was telling everybody, ‘Y’know, she’ll never be in the band again. She’s gone.’ I really believed that. But right now the whole thing has really got such a circular feel to it. And if you’re talking about one more act for this play or whatever you want to call it, I can’t think of a better way to do it.”

“I thought I was going to get nervous coming in the studio, but it’s felt very easy and natural,” added McVie. “Before I got to L.A. Lindsey and I had been ping-ponging ideas on computers and that; I’d send him my very, very rough, funky demos and he made some kind of sense out of them and sent them back to me with him playing guitar and they started to turn into really lovely ideas. I really missed playing with them and the chemistry of it all and started to really, really desire to start doing something again, and the only people I could think of that I would have any desire to do anything with would be them, Fleetwood Mac.”

In a Wondering Sound feature about the group’s iconic back catalog, Barry Walters had this to say about the last effort from their ‘classic lineup’:

Despite whatever discord that might’ve taken place behind the scenes (Buckingham exited shortly before the ‘Tango’ tour), Mac’s chemistry is once again palpable.

Nowhere is that synchronicity more compelling – and more telling – than on what became the band’s final American smash, McVie’s “Little Lies.” All three songwriters contribute their own distinctive vocal styles, and still manage to harmonize as one. Yet the song describes how a lover would rather be deceived than hurt by the truth, which might as well be a mantra for the band: Both it and the rest of this distinctly nocturnal ‘Tango’ is full of tingly pop touches offset by chords that are just slightly discordant, sounds both meticulously gentle and subtly unsettling.

So in other words, this full-on reunion is kinda a big deal, especially considering all the young artists (Best Coast, HAIM, even the art-metal band The Body) who still name-check the band regularly. That said, don’t expect a proper LP anytime soon.

“We haven’t finished what we’ve done here,” explained McVie, referring to their initial sessions. “These are just tracks with some overdubs, and they’re certainly not finished. I go back to England now until the beginning of rehearsals, which is the end of July, and then we’re rehearsing and then we’re touring, so we won’t really have time to [finish the songs]. There’s some talk about some time next year. Fleetwood Mac always take a long time to make a record — you know that.”