Wondering Sound’s Best of 2014

Wondering Sound Staff

By Wondering Sound Staff

on 12.08.14 in Features

Over the course of 2014, the Wondering Sound staff has listened to, analyzed and reveled in it all. We fell in love with warped four-track cassette-only bedroom-pop masterpieces and emotive dancehall works. We disappeared into suffocating black metal and found our way back to the light with euphoric hip-hop and dance. We got choked up to plaintive folk and roared along with raucous country. This is the music we loved the most.

(We’ll be adding to this page as we roll out more lists and essays. Check back often for the latest updates.)


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The 25 Best Jazz Albums of 2014

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Michaelangelo Matos picks the 10 DJ sets that defined 2014.



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J. Edward Keyes on why the notion that pain is necessary to create great art is hogwash

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Rob Harvilla on the Face of Country in 2014

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Marc Hogan examines the impact of Billboard’s new real-time charts and how the concept of a “one-hit wonder” has changed.

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My 2014 Soundtrack: J. Edward Keyes
On reconnecting with a favorite artist from my teenage years, who returned at the perfect time

Allo Darlin'
My 2014 Soundtrack: Laura Leebove
On crying at shows, impossibly high expectations and making songs Mean Something

Jenny Lewis
My 2014 Soundtrack: Tess Duncan
On falling out of love with Jenny Lewis, but in love with those influenced by her work

St. Vincent
My 2014 Soundtrack: Lindsay Hood
“When I was faced with the true absurdity of just how little control I have over my own life, Clark’s new wacky persona started to make perfect sense.”

Lana Del Rey
My 2014 Soundtrack: Marc Hogan
On albums as events, changing listening habits and Lana Del Rey

Run the Jewels
My 2014 Soundtrack: Louis Pattison
On becoming a father and being allergic to sentimentality

My 2014 Soundtrack: Philip Sherburne
“If you want to know what song made me feel most alive this year, that’s easy.”