EP Premiere: Pastel, ‘It Will Be Missed’

Wondering Sound Staff

By Wondering Sound Staff

on 11.24.14 in News

Gabriel Brenner, the Southern California musician who records as Pastel, writes songs that are sleek and slippery: soft rivulets of synth, percussion that burbles like a stream over rocks are topped with Brenner’s voice, which operates just above a whisper, and is lithe and winding. Throughout It Will Be Missed, Brenner sings like he’s sharing secrets. On the woozy, wavy “Downtime,” he parses out his words slowly, as synths sigh sweetly behind him. And “Paint” feels like some sort of supernatural gospel song, Brenner’s voice testifying to deep emotional truths over a production track that is peaceful and still. The entire EP is full of sweet, softly-gliding music full of tender songs of the heart.

Pre-order It Will Be Missed from Pastel’s Bandcamp.