EP Premiere: Night School, ‘Heart Beat’

Tess Duncan

By Tess Duncan

on 10.09.14 in News

Despite hailing from Oakland, California, and citing ‘60s girl groups as heavy influences, Night School doesn’t evoke the beach party atmosphere you’d expect. Their new EP Heart Beat is a moonlit skeleton of doo-wop structure, stripping away the more upbeat tempos of classics like the Ronettes or Shangri-Las and replacing them with the lo-fi dreaminess of similarly inspired West Coaster Bethany Cosentino’s early recordings. Night School drags out each melody with pedals and echo units alongside vocal hooks that sway and stagger. Standout track “Casiotone” features honey-drenched cooing about young love and seems like it could have been crafted by a Colleen Green who listened to more shoegaze.

Heart Beat is out via Graveface Records.