EMA Shares New Punk Song as Part of Online Zine

Andrew Parks

By Andrew Parks

on 09.12.14 in News

As tense as her network TV debut was a few weeks ago, nothing could prepare EMA fans for the full-on sucker-punch of her new “False Flag” single. Available via NewHive — a “multimedia publishing platform” out to “create and disrupt culture by making art
more accessible” — it’s like a no-fi throwback to Kathleen Hanna’s original Julie Ruin project, only way more pissed off.

“‘False Flag’ is a lost generation take on 9/11,” EMA told Impose. “Not meant as a conspiracy theory, but as a critique of the aftermath. When I see a militarized police force in Ferguson, I see echoes of 9/11. When I see decreased economic opportunities for young people, I see an astronomical defense budget. And when I see the US spying on not only its own citizens, but also our allies abroad, I see the PATRIOT act gone too far.”

Check out an archive of EMA’s NewHive posts here, and her “So Blonde” video down below…

EMA, 'So Blonde'

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