EMA Wraps Herself in Contradictions in Intense ‘Letterman’ Debut

Marc Hogan

By Marc Hogan

Lead News Writer
on 08.27.14 in News

A defining image of EMA‘s network-TV debut last night on Late Show with David Letterman was the sight of the William Gibson-reading South Dakotan wrapping the microphone around her neck before singing. It was as if she was suffocating herself with the same tool she used to express herself. That’s actually a key theme of The Future’s Void, the “California” singer’s internet-conflicted sophomore album, and especially Gibson nod “Neuromancer,” which Erika M. Anderson performed on the show backed with keytar, bass and drums.

“The things that you do / They know more of it than you do,” she fumes in the video below through a grimy filter of distortion, coming off like an indie-rock M.I.A., which, hey, they both also have three-letter names. Anyway, she isn’t wrong. Letterman on the artist’s Sioux Falls roots: “Nice goin’! Ladies and gentlemen, how about that?” Most of us may ultimately compromise and find ourselves veering ever closer toward the selfie-posting behavior of the Chainsmokers, but there’s nothing provincial about wanting to avoid being suckered in the deal.

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