El Perro Del Mar to Reissue 2005 Debut, Feature on HBO’s ‘Girls’

Marc Hogan

By Marc Hogan

Lead News Writer
on 02.03.15 in News

“They used to say I had an eye for gold,” Swedish singer/songwriter Sarah Assbring murmurs repeatedly on “An Eye for Gold,” a previously unreleased demo from the upcoming deluxe reissue of her 2005 self-titled debut album as El Perro Del Mar. When she released the full-length the first time, its lustrously homespun heartache — Phil Spector in a bedsit — did more than merely glitter.

Strummy and wounded, with piano and touches of chimes, “An Eye for Gold” captures the spare yet intricate melancholy that marked El Perro Del Mar’s original “eureka” moment a decade ago. Since then, Assbring has issued three other worthy albums — 2008′s prayerful From the Valley to the Stars, 2009′s bass-y heartbreaker Love Is Not Pop and 2012′s house-smoldering Pale Fire —and toured with the likes of Lykke Li and José González. (Read an El Perro Del Mar interview by Melissa Maerz, for our sister site eMusic.)

The reissue of El Perro Del Mar, which contains 10 previously unreleased tracks, will be available on February 17 via The Control Group. One song from the reissue is set to appear on HBO’s Girls on February 22. Meanwhile, Assbring isn’t just mining her back catalogue: She’s finishing up new material for a planned 2016 release, according to a press release.

Listen to “An Eye for Gold” below and scroll down to see the cover art and tracklist.

El Perro Del Mar, cover art

El Perro Del Mar (Deluxe Edition) (February 17, The Control Group)

1. Candy
2. God Knows (You Gotta Give To Get)
3. Party
4. People
5. Dog
6. I Can’t Talk About It
7. Coming Down The Hill
8. This Loneliness
9. It’s All Good
10. Here Comes That Feeling
11. Shake It Off
12. Sad*
13. Hello Goodbye*
14. Say*
15. Do The Dog*
16. In The Woods (unreleased demo)*
17. An Eye For Gold (unreleased demo)*
18. Candy (radio session)*
19. Party (radio session)*
20. This Loneliness (radio session)*
21. Dog (acoustic version)*

* previously unreleased