Top of the Morning: El-P Hosts Cat Auditions, Jeff Mills Designs Spaceship Instruments and More

Lindsay Hood

By Lindsay Hood

on 10.22.14 in News

Greetings! Top of the Morning is your daily AM news round-up. We paid attention overnight and gathered relevant tidbits to share over that first cup of coffee.

One minute he’s enraging Taylor Swift fans and the next, he’s auditioning cats. El-P stopped by an animal shelter in Brooklyn to see if he could find the perfect felines for Meow the Jewels; the Kickstarter-funded remake of Run the Jewels‘ new album that will feature cat sounds. Apparently the cats were just not feeling that shit and El-P left the shelter emptyhanded.

Yesterday on the band’s Facebook page, Weezer polled their fans and asked, “How much do you think each of these 3 songs would help Weezer’s career if released as the next single?” This is exactly the kind of plan that successful groups use to emphasize their careers are heading in the right direction. Although the polls are now closed, fans could initially choose between “Ain’t Got Nobody,” “Da Vinci” and “Go Away” featuring Bethany Cosentino. No word yet on how the votes panned out, but a hint of desperation has definitely won this round.

David Rees, star of National Geographic’s Going Deep with David Rees, has been hosting an Aphex Swift week over on his Soundcloud. Rees has been creating mash-ups of Aphex Twin tracks and Taylor Swift singles to create strangely catchy remixes like “We Are Never Getting Girl/Boygether”; obviously a combo of Swift’s “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” and Aphex Twin’s “Girl/Boy Song.” We’re not quite sure how he decided to pick this combination, but one thing’s for sure. The remixes are definitely better than “Welcome to New York.” Listen to “T4ouble” below:

Producer Jeff Mills has commissioned a percussion instrument that looks like a spaceship. According to the techno DJ’s Facebook page, he has been working with designer Yuri Suzuki and Mills asked, “the London based instrument designer to create a machine based on an infamous U.S. mid-1950s UFO sighting over Los Angeles.” Mills is supposed to release his new album, Emerging Crystal Universe, sometime this fall. Since he commissioned this instrument for orchestral performances, we can only imagine that it will appear when he tours in support of the album. Along with a bunch of little green men. (Sorry, had to.)

Jeff Mills percussion instrument

The Dude is now on wax. As part of Record Store’s Black Friday on November 28, the soundtrack to the Coen brothers’ classic The Big Lebowski will have a limited release on vinyl. (Cream-colored, just like a white Russian.) There’s a full tracklist over on Consequence of Sound. So shut the fuck up Donny and go buy it next month.

The Big Lebowski on vinyl

Speaking of famous soundtracks, when Back to the Future celebrates its 30th anniversary next year, it will head to the big screen again. And this time, it will have the opportunity to be backed by a full orchestra as well. Variety reports, “The original Alan Silvestri score has been edited out, so musicians in major concert halls and performance venues can play in synch with the on-screen action… Silvestri is preparing 15 minutes of new score exclusively for these special presentations.” So grab your skateboard and some plutonium and let’s do this thing. (We dare someone to tell the orchestra that they’re just too darn loud. We’re also definitely the first people to think of that joke, eh? Happy Wednesday.)