Earl Sweatshirt’s “45″ Is a Vicious 77 Seconds

Marc Hogan

By Marc Hogan

Lead News Writer
on 11.06.14 in News

Odd Future keeps rumbling ahead of the crew’s third annual festival, this Saturday’s Camp Flow Gnaw Carnival. Yesterday, while Tyler, the Creator was announcing a merch blitz for the event, fellow OFWGKTA member Earl Sweatshirt was sharing a new song titled “45.” The tweet linking to the track reads, “ALCHEMIST / SWAMPMAN,” raising speculation that the Alchemist produced. In any event, the cinematic, ’70s-scented orchestration lays out a fine canvas for Sweatshirt’s hard-hitting rhymes, which include him memorably claiming, “I am not a child artist/ I raise the bar and hit a chin-up for a while on it.” Given that the track just cuts off after 77 seconds, it’s unclear if there’s more, but we may learn soon: When Sweatshirt canceled tour dates this summer, he said he planned to release a new record “while it’s still fresh.” This one, fairly unmoored from pop trends, could have a long shelf life.