Dum Dum Girls’ “On Christmas” Blends Beauty and Holiday Depression

Dan Reilly

By Dan Reilly

on 12.05.14 in News

Starting on Monday with Deer Tick’s “White Havoc,” Converse has been giving away holiday tracks from their six-song EP, Noise to the World 2. The latest to come out is Dum Dum Girls’ “On Christmas,” which has the throwback synth-pop feel of their latest album, Too True. Lyrically, it’s a real downer. “How I miss us, every Christmas,” Dee Dee sings in what could be interpreted as being about an ex or a lost loved one. Though it’s too late to catch Dee Dee’s Converse in-store performance, there are two more set for December 18 in Santa Monica and San Francisco featuring GRMLN and Antwon, respectively. A limited amount of vinyl copies of Noise to the World 2 will be available to fans for free at both events. Meantime, enjoy Dum Dum Girls’ “On Christmas” below.