‘Dexter’ Creator Directs Electric Zoo PSA About Drug Use

Andrew Parks

By Andrew Parks

on 08.05.14 in News

Electric Zoo organizers launched their “Come To Life” campaign yesterday, an effort to curtail the rise of drug-related deaths at music festivals, including last weekend’s Mad Decent Block Party in Columbia, Maryland. According to a press release, all attendees of this month’s event will be required to view a public service announcement by Dexter creator James Manos, Jr. before activating their wristband and entering Randall’s Island Park.

“Our message to concertgoers is simple: The Electric Zoo experience is exceptional and worth being present for,” explained Made Event’s co-founders, Laura De Palma and Mike Bindra. “Molly can cause you to not only miss the moment, alienate your friends and have an overall adverse and unpleasant experience … but can also make you sick and can even be fatal. Fans will experience how great it is to ‘Come To Life’ at our concerts from lights, sounds and crowds.”

“This is a really interesting and volatile time of life for teens and young adults,” added Manos, Jr., “and I was up for the challenge of crafting the right tone, manner and overall approach to creating a PSA that would have a net positive influence in their behavior and lives, in an entertaining and authentic way.”

To up the authenticity level, the director wrote the two-minute spot with the help of his 19-year-old daughter. “Ellie represents the target audience,” he explained. “She’s been to EDM concerts and seen the behavior of her peers on Molly.”

Check out the complete PSA below, and look out for coverage of this year’s Electric Zoo event on your favorite EDM site the weekend of August 29-31…