Deer Tick and Others to Crash at New Sour Patch Kids House

Marc Hogan

By Marc Hogan

Lead News Writer
on 11.03.14 in News

Update: The original post mentioned that Tame Impala would also be staying at the Brooklyn Patch, but that information was not listed correctly in the original AdAge article. Both Tame Impala’s publicist and management have confirmed that the band will not be in residence, nor have they been in contact with any representative of Kraft Foods.

Bands touring through New York have a new room and board option that’s sweet on the outside, but also sour on the inside. Improbably, Sour Patch Kids has opened up a space called the Brooklyn Patch, as AdAge reports. Touring musicians can crash at the Patch, but the catch is they have to “create some content” that the candy brand can share via social media.

Deer Tick will be staying at the Patch at the end of the year as the band plays a week of shows at Brooklyn Bowl. Magic Man is another group scheduled to spend the night on Sour Patch Kids’ dime (or rather, the dime of Mondelez, the multinational that used to be half of Kraft Foods). Sour Patch Kids previously ran an advertising campaign involving Method Man.

Mondelez marketing director Farrah Bezner said, as paraphrased by AdAge, that “the Patch represents a long-term investment in indie music culture.” She’s quoted as saying, “You have to break culture to make culture. As old-fashioned as “selling out” sounds in most contexts, there’s really nothing like marketing lingo to make it sound as unpalatable as Sour Patch Kids are unwholesomely delicious (if there’s a tastier brand willing to finance a stay in New York, it could be Your Name Here).

The address of the Brooklyn Patch hasn’t been disclosed, but Gawker is on the case.

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