Death Grips Share Surprise ‘Fashion Week’ Instrumental Album

Marc Hogan

By Marc Hogan

Lead News Writer
on 01.05.15 in News

The credibility of messages scrawled on paper napkins has been cast into doubt.

Despite Death Grips‘ hand-written breakup note in July, the Sacramento noise-rap provocateurs keep releasing music. Last night, the three-piece shared Fashion Week, billed as a “new instrumental full-length soundtrack.”

As it goes with Death Grips, it isn’t clear where the surprise release fits into their summer declaration the group was “over.” When rapper Stefan Burnett, drummer Zach Hill and producer Andy Morin posted their farewell doily this summer, they’d just shared the first half of a planned double album titled the powers that b; at the time, the stated plan was to release the full set by the end of 2014. Late last year, Death Grips said they’d finished double-LP’s second half, called jenny death, from which they recently shared “Inanimate Sensation,” along with a Jumbotron-hijacking video.

Fashion Week wasn’t mentioned in the band’s earlier goodbye, and it doesn’t appear to contain the instrumental from “Inanimate Sensation.” The track titles are each the word “Runway” followed by a letter, ultimately spelling out “Jenny Death When.” (Relatedly, an unconfirmed Amazon listing gives a February 10 release date for The Powers That B.) Death Grips may supposedly be done, but they’ll never stop being Death Grips.

In that spirit, it’s possibly worth remembering Death Grips have been linked to a soundtrack at least once before. In October 2013, Pigeons and Planes reported receiving a message from the band claiming it had soundtracked a short film titled Misoneism and starring Twilight‘s Robert Pattinson. The band denied all this at the time to Pitchfork. And Tom Hanks’s son Colin Hanks, who was also purportedly in the film, told Consequence of Sound that news of him making a movie with Death Grips was untrue. But it recently came to light that Pattinson played guitar on Death Grips’ 2013 track “Birds.” Really — or at least to the extent you can believe liner notes printed in vinyl record packaging.

Once again, it’s as if Death Grips, like wonders or whatever, never cease.

Listen to Fashion Week below, via Soundcloud or YouTube, or download it here from Death Grips’ site.

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