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Death By Audio Reveals Fall Closing, Yet Another Blow For Brooklyn’s DIY Scene

Andrew Parks

By Andrew Parks

on 09.08.14 in News

Brooklyn’s DIY-or-die scene was dealt another major blow today as the beloved South Williamsburg venue Death By Audio announced it would end its seven-year run this fall. The news comes just eight months after the demise of DBA’s neighbor 285 Kent, a venue so highly regarded by local music fans Pitchfork ran a major feature and short documentary on what its closing means for the rest of us.

“We feel that it’s our time to just go out with dignity and to go out on our own terms,” promoter Todd Patrick (better known as Todd P) said of the decision to close 285 Kent in the film, “rather than subjecting the people who work here — and ourselves — to a lot of undue stress and a lot of undue risk.”

“New York is constantly changing,” added DBA co-founder Edan Wilbur. “You talk about gentrification; the next step is East New York, and like, Bed-Stuy. And that’s the last fucking thing I want to do is move into those neighborhoods. Because those are actual neighborhoods, where people live, and have lived for a long fucking time. Whereas the Williamsburg waterfront was warehouses [when we moved here].”

We reached out to Wilbur for a comment on DBA’s closing but he declined to speak about it further at this time. Check out the space’s official statement for now below, along with Pitchfork’s documentary in full:

Death By Audio will be closing in November.

After seven years of operation Death By Audio will close on November 22, 2014. Running this space has been an incredible undertaking and a joy since day one. We have been fortunate enough to host bands from all over the US and the world nearly every night of the week. Amazingly, we’ve hosted in excess of 1000 acts a year for the past seven years. The effect pedal company will remain open and relocate to a temporary space until we find a more permanent home.

When we first moved onto south 2nd street the only things on our block were a used police car lot and several empty buildings. Now there are a half dozen expensive restaurants, bars, a daycare center and a new condo building (that was an empty lot when we moved in). All ages DIY music venues are almost by definition temporary, and we feel fortunate to have lasted in this space for this long. We knew from the beginning that it couldn’t last forever and we are extremely grateful to everyone who has preformed or attended any of our shows. We are still weighing options about what happens next and will let everyone know more about the future of Death By Audio as soon as we can.

Our closing party starts Wednesday Sept 10 and we will have great programing for these last 75 days. We are looking forward to putting on some really incredible shows to send off what has been one of the greatest undertakings of our lives. We hope to see you there.

Edan and Matt

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