David Lynch Readies Two Record Store Day Releases

Andrew Parks

By Andrew Parks

on 04.02.14 in News

David Lynch has revealed two very different releases for Record Store Day. On the more predictable side of things is a red vinyl remix EP of songs from last year’s The Big Dream LP, including a “reversion” from Moby featuring breathy vocals from Mindy Jones. Longtime fans may get a lot more out of The Air is on Fire however. Presented in a limited 2,000 copy run by Sacred Bones, the LP captures the expansive sound design piece Lynch produced with his engineer Dean Hurley for a Paris exhibition in 2007. According to a press release, it’s similar in spirit to another popular Sacred Bones release: the label’s deluxe reissue of Lynch’s Eraserhead soundtrack.

In the interview below, Hurley explains what it’s like working with one of the industry’s most idiosyncratic filmmakers/artists. He also shines a light on the pair’s creative process, saying things like, “There’s sounds in the world that you can kinda pull out like a bear pulls out a fish from the water. And sometimes you just have to be there with the ability to pull out that sound, whether you have a very crummy micro cassette recorder or you have like an eight-channel DEVO.”

These two sound like they were meant for each other…