David Bowie Reflects in ‘Nothing Has Changed’ Cover Art

Marc Hogan

By Marc Hogan

Lead News Writer
on 10.08.14 in News

When David Bowie looks in the mirror, he really looks in the mirror. The British rock icon is set to reflect on his entire career for the first time with Nothing Has Changed, a new compilation due out November 18 via Columbia/Legacy (and a day earlier in the United Kingdom — see our article on a global release date). Now he has shared the cover art, in which he literally… reflects.

The above image of Bowie gazing in the mirror comes from the art for one of three cover options available for the release. The three-CD, two-CD and vinyl editions each have different artwork, showing the artist at a different phase in his career. Scroll down to see those.

Nothing Has Changed will also feature a new song from Bowie, titled “Sue (Or in a Season of Crime).” A 10-inch vinyl single will follow on November 28 for Record Store Day‘s “Back to Black Friday” event and includes another new song, “‘Tis A Pity She’s a Whore.” The reflective cover art comes after Bowie’s 2013 album, The Next Day, the cover of which simply put a white square with the title text over the art from 1977′s landmark “Heroes.”

The Nothing Was Changed album art’s designer, Jonathan Barnbrook, told NME: “The theme of Bowie looking in the mirror was a strong enough ‘archetype’ to provide an immediately identifiable visual link but make it clear this was a collection of songs through the experience of one person’s life, not necessarily a specific concept or period of time as albums tend to be.”

He added: “It immediately throws up some interesting thoughts: Bowie as the young dandy and the obvious comparisons with Oscar Wilde and The Picture Of Dorian Gray, with the portrait that ages. In the younger photos, how is Bowie imagining his future? Does he, as we all do at that time, feel immortal? Does he see himself in the way that others see him? As Ziggy Stardust, does he see someone putting on an image, and was his true identity lost? With the later images, as a man who has lived an incredibly unusual life, what is he thinking? About his legacy? How the world perceives him?”

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Nothing Has Changed three-CD cover art

David Bowie, 'Nothing Has Changed,' three-CD cover art

Nothing Has Changed two-CD cover art

David Bowie, 'Nothing Has Changed,' two-CD cover art

Nothing Has Changed vinyl cover art

David Bowie, 'Nothing Has Changed,' vinyl cover art