Danny Brown and Rustie Mercilessly “Attak” the Lyric Video

Marc Hogan

By Marc Hogan

Lead News Writer
on 08.11.14 in News

“I ain’t gotta say shit,” roars Danny Brown on one of the more readily comprehensible lines from “Attak,” his latest collaboration with Scottish producer Rustie. In a way, the Detroit rapper is right: Where so many difficult-to-understand displays of fast-rap virtuosity just turn out to be exhausting, this frenzied, electronics-blaring assault is never less than thrilling, even before Brown’s lyrics start to make sense; he deploys his voice as another exhilaratingly over-the-top, endlessly mutable bit of post-dubstep percussion. The visuals for “Attak” start out like an example of the now-alas-conventional lyric video, with words on the screen helping spell out just how ruthlessly Brown is savaging his rivals. But then the letters turn into a blur, as frenetic as the track itself; money, as money does, swirls around as if from the skies. And true to Brown’s boast, it’s OK: He could be rapping “lorem ipsum” and the clip would still be a rainmaker.

Now if only there were a way to celebrate with a Danny Brown-inspired Ben & Jerry’s ice cream flavor… (sorry, still holding out hope on that one!).