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Danny Brown, Interviewed by High Schoolers, Invents an Ice Cream

Marc Hogan

By Marc Hogan

Lead News Writer
on 08.01.14 in News

Watch out, Stephen Colbert’s Americone Dream. Pick up the phone in Vermont, Ben and Jerry. Danny Brown, interviewed by a group of high-school-age music journalists at the recent Pitchfork Music Festival, came up with a head-freezingly original idea, on the spot, for a new ice cream.

Vanilla, kiwi, and “a little bit of caramel” would be the Old rapper’s Ben & Jerry’s flavor, he said when asked by the group of students before his July 19 set, as transcribed by McSweeney’s. The name, fittingly, would be “The Hybrid,” after the Detroit MC’s 2011 album. Pressed on the logical question — why kiwi? — Brown gave a pretty good reason: “I don’t know, I just like kiwi, and it’s like, I don’t find it that much, you know? I have a Filipina grandma and she liked kiwi a lot so I got it from her.” Can we please make this happen?

The full interview with the 826 Chicago nonprofit’s creative writing students — including Cristina Cass, Tricia Crimmins, David Kennedy, Kalina Gac, Caley Griebenow, Lucie McKnight and Eli Tecktiel — is worth a read. It’s a chance to see Brown being Brown outside the context of the usual professional-scribe gauntlet. He said that  if he could collaborate with anyone living or dead it would be Mac Dre, that Nas was his favorite rapper when he first started, and that the “coolest thing” ever to happen at him at a live show was when he opened up for Motor City rap icon Eminem.

“Don’t listen to nobody but yourself because that’s who ends up being up right at the end of the day,” Brown said he would tell his 18-year-old self. “Everyone could tell me what I couldn’t do but no one could told me what I could do except myself. So once I started believing in myself that’s when stuff started happening, so I would just tell myself don’t listen to nobody man, just listen to yourself.”

Brown recently reunited with British producer on Rustie on the hyperactive blitzkrieg “Attak,” which must feel something like Danny Brown’s The Hybrid ice cream with chocolate sauce and lots and lots of sprinkles — deep-fried at a state fair. Check out our photos from Brown’s concert at Brooklyn’s Music Hall of Williamsburg in April.