CHVRCHES Fuel Linkin Park Feud With Mike Shinoda Megamix

Andrew Parks

By Andrew Parks

on 07.03.14 in News

CHVRCHES have fired back at Linkin Park singer Mike Shinoda for his comments about the rising popularity of indie pop acts in the past couple years.

“There’s so much stuff that sounds like HAIM or CHVRCHES or Vampire Weekend that I’m full,” he told Noisey last April. “The thing I’m hungry for is not that. I turn on the rock station in LA and it sounds like Disney commercial music.”

“I call bullshit on that one a little bit,” CHVRCHES singer Lauren Mayberry said in an interview with the Swiss station Joiz (via NME) this week. “It’s not a coincidence that his band has a record to sell and he mentioned several bands that people are writing about … That’s the point — if you don’t like it, they’ve been on the radio for how many years, and I just don’t listen to the radio station and move on. That’s probably a smarter choice than saying something that would be in a tagline.”

So that was round one of their Internet-stoked feud. Then Shinoda responded with his own blog post, writing, “My criticism is not with them or any of those bands. I said their names because I was telling the story of how our album began: not because I hate that style [of] music, but because I hate the volume of it … Lazy journalists will simplify words and start conflicts they don’t have to fight in. Cowardly bloggers will take sides based on what other blogs think is cool. In contrast, [the new Linkin Park album] is a statement about who we are and what inspires us right now. It’s a stab out into an unknown. Our fight is with conformity, stagnation, inspiration, and even our own band’s complex history. And a big thank you goes out to CHVRCHES and all the bands whose names I’ve mentioned, for helping us find direction with this album. Because sometimes, knowing where you don’t want to go is all the direction you need.”

Snap! But that’s not all; CHVRCHES somehow found the time in their tireless festival schedule to make a three-hour video pairing a shot of Shinoda with a riff on the song “My Sharona.” Have a look at it all down below…