Top of the Morning: Jeopardy Contestants Don’t Know Chromeo, Phil Collins Gets a $100 Million Museum and More

Lindsay Hood

By Lindsay Hood

on 10.29.14 in News

Greetings! Top of the Morning is your daily AM news round-up. We paid attention overnight and gathered relevant tidbits to share over that first cup of coffee.

Singer Robbie Williams and his wife Ayda Field appeared to believe that it was a good idea to document the birth of their second child via social media. So they shared the labor on Twitter. At one point during the process, when Field is clearly suffering, Williams upped the ante on his smart decision-making skills and started to serenade her with “Let It Go” from Disney’s Frozen. Congratulations to the couple on their new baby boy. (Also congrats to Field for not killing her stupid-ass husband.)

Poor Dave 1 and P-Thugg. Better known as Chromeo, the two were a clue on Jeopardy! the other evening. While Alex Trebek intoned, “Don’t be jealous of this electro-funk duo, seen here,” the mystified contestant continued to stand there with his mouth open. Which just goes to show, it doesn’t matter if you own an airline or not. There will still be nerds who don’t know you.

#FNKLRDZ on Jeopardy tonight!

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It turns out that Phil Collins has secretly been collecting Alamo memorabilia for years? (It’s okay, we think that it’s totally weird too.) The Genesis frontman decided to donate his entire collection to the state of Texas. In turn, the state of Texas is building $100 million museum in Collins’ honor to house the collection. At the press conference, Collins said, “When I got older and became successful, I decided to spend my money on original items from the Alamo rather than on Ferraris,” although we’d like to weigh in and say that this is the one instance where Ferraris might have made more sense. Whatever the case, that’s a whole lot of money being spent because Collins decided to watch Davy Crockett as a child.

In an interview with Anderson Cooper, Dave Grohl took issue with talent shows such as American Idol and The Voice. He said, “Imagine Bob Dylan standing there singing “Blowin’ in the Wind” in front of those judges? ‘Sorry, it’s a little nasally and a little flat. Next.’” However, Grohl doesn’t seem to have a problem with filming an eight-episode documentary series to support the Foo Fighters’ next album. Or creating nine different covers for it. Or staying on Letterman for an entire week as opposed to the customary one-night performance. Those are all perfectly reasonable endeavors that are not silly at all. He just wanted to clear that up.

T-Pain thinks that Kanye West doesn’t know the correct way to use auto-tune. (Except on 808s & Heartbreak because he helped out on that album.) Do you know who does use auto-tune correctly according to T-Pain? Chris Brown.

Blood Orange’s Dev Hynes appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night to perform “It Is What It Is” for his TV debut. Towards the end of his performance, which included a variety of cleaning products at the beginning, Dita Von Teese appeared to hand him his guitar, hold up sheet music and stare seductively at the audience. We’re still not sure why, it is anybody’s guess. Happy Wednesday.