Twitter Unveil Streaming Partnership With SoundCloud

Andrew Parks

By Andrew Parks

on 10.16.14 in News

Twitter announced its first user-friendly foray into streaming audio today, a Soundcloud-powered way of setting Audio Cards off to the side while scrolling through the social media service’s app.

“With a single tap, the Twitter Audio Card lets you discover and listen to audio directly in your timeline on both iOS and Android devices,” the company wrote. “Throughout your listening experience, you can dock the Audio Card and keep listening as you continue to browse inside the Twitter app. We’re launching this new audio card in partnership with third-party streaming services. The first partner for streaming on Twitter is SoundCloud.”

SoundCloud has asked a strange mix of users to participate in the initial rollout, from obvious outlets like Pitchfork, NPR and This American Life to crossover artists like Coldplay, David Guetta and alt-J. Oh, and Glenn Beck, who — sadly — has more than 900,000 followers on Twitter. Less than 6,000 users follow him on SoundCloud, however, making it clear that this is very much a you-scratch-my-back-I’ll-scratch-yours situation between the two services.

Here’s how the Twitter app looks when it’s playing SoundCloud-endorsed music, along with a Chance the Rapper track that was premiered in 744,000 feeds today.

Twitter's Audio Card