Chance the Rapper Cancels More Tour Dates, Explains Illness

Andrew Parks

By Andrew Parks

on 04.23.14 in News

Chance the Rapper has been forced to cancel more tour dates due to flu/tonsillitis complications that left him hospitalized and unable to perform at Coachella last weekend. Here’s what happened according to a press release:

“Upon rising on Sunday morning, Chance was running a 104 degree fever and could not speak due to the inflammation of his throat. He was rushed to Hollywood Presbyterian hospital where he was put on an IV drip and medicines were introduced to help control his body temperature and pain caused by his illness. Chance has since returned to his home in L.A. and is recovering … Chance is due to see a specialist this week to determine whether or not surgery is required. The CTR team, in accordance with Chance, his family and doctors, have cancelled the remainder of this week’s shows, 4/23-4/27. We appreciate your concern and prayers.”

If the rapper is able to make a full recovery by next week, he’ll make a headlining appearance at Dallas’s JMBLYA festival on Friday, May 2. Check out the rest of his sporadic spring/summer run here, and the rough demo he quickly cut and shared about a month ago down below…