Caribou’s “Our Love” Video is One to Cherish

Marc Hogan

By Marc Hogan

Lead News Writer
on 10.07.14 in News

I saw a couple of my best friends get married this weekend. Meanwhile, my mom was in town visiting my aunt and uncle at a senior community, where they spent time with three women who had recently lost their husbands. This group also talked to another man, whose absent wife was, as they soon discovered, at death’s door herself. Now, I know first-person stories can be as self-indulgent in music writing as when other people tell you about their dreams. But the theme of love in the face of inevitable mortality, along with the idea of sharing something personal, seems only fitting for Caribou‘s “Our Love” video.

In the review for Dan Snaith’s captivating new album, also titled Our Love, Wondering Sound contributor Philip Sherburne writes: “Snaith has said he wants listeners to experience Our Love as though he were sitting right beside them, making the music for and even with them.” Sherburne also highlights the LP’s “grownup take on love — muted, sober, built on trust.” The video for the Disclosure-like title track, directed by Ryan Staake, shows a lone, older woman, who walks out into the twilight and back into an all-too-fleeting scene of young romance. Staake, in a statement, said of the Ireland-shot video that he “wanted to create a slow, brooding film that contrasted the seeming limitless of youth with the reality of death in later years.”

On further review, then, maybe my over-sharing approach misses the point. Part of the song’s power is not only its trust in its listeners, but also its restraint. Notice how much Snaith can express in just two simple, falsetto-sung words: “our love,” on repeat, in good times and in bad.