Can Will Reissue 14 Albums on Vinyl, Shares Rarity “Serpentine”

Marc Hogan

By Marc Hogan

Lead News Writer
on 08.05.14 in News

Some of the most influential albums in alternative music will soon be back on fresh vinyl. Can will be reissuing 14 of the pioneering German band’s landmark LPs via Mute. The first batch — consisting of the behemoths Monster Movie (1969), Soundtracks (1970), Tago Mago (1971),  and Ege Bamyasi (1972)— is slated for September 25.

Can has also shared the percolating instrumental “Serpentine,” which you can hear below in its first official appearance digitally since 1978. Vinyl reissues of 1973′s Future Days, 1974′s Soon Over Babaluma, 1975′s Landed, 1976′s Flow Motion and 1977′s Saw Delight (including a CD version) are set for October 7. Next up are 1979′s Can, 1981′s Delay (AKA Delay 1968), 1979′s Out of Reach (including what’s billed as its first time on CD), 1989′s Rite Time and 1976′s Unlimited Edition on October 21. Five volumes of the The Lost Tapes, recorded between 1968-77, follow on November 4.

The significance of Can to performers ranging from Pavement, Portishead and Radiohead to Kanye West and James Murphy is hard to overstate. For more, check out Barry Walters’ feature Icon: Can, or Michaelangelo Matos’ Six Degrees of Can’s Tago Mago. Early footage of Can and fellow Krautrock innovators Kraftwerk also surfaced recently.

Can previously reissued these 14 LPs and more as a limited-edition, 17-disc vinyl box set last December, but the upcoming release will be the first chance for most of us to pick up new pressings of the records without blowing our savings. For more on the current status of vinyl, read how Jack White’s latest Lazaretto milestone echoes 1994, and on the subject of reissues, don’t miss Grayson Haver Currin’s feature Running Out of History: The Issue with Reissues.