Top of the Morning: Cam’ron Wants to Protect Against Ebola, No Lorde until the World Series is Over and More

Lindsay Hood

By Lindsay Hood

on 10.20.14 in News

Greetings! Top of the Morning is your daily AM news round-up. We paid attention over the weekend and gathered relevant tidbits to share over that first cup of coffee.

We all assumed that Bono’s sunglasses were just a part of his rockstar persona, but it turns out that the U2 frontman has actually been suffering from glaucoma for the past 20 years. In an interview on the Graham Norton Show for BBC One, Bono said, “I have good treatments and I am going to be fine. You’re not going to get this out of your head now and you will be saying ‘Ah, poor old blind Bono.’” Since those who suffer from glaucoma often have a real sensitivity to light, Bono’s sunglasses actually have a practical, as opposed to stylish, use.

It turns out that the last track of Aphex Twin’s Syro has previously existing origins. FACT noted that “Aisatsana” comes from a recording of Richard D James’ 2012 show at the Barbican in London, where music was produced from a suspended piano that swung back and forth across the stage. So now, we all have a new fun fact to include when we’re writing up our year-end lists.

Buzzfeed posted five letters that Kesha allegedly wrote to her fans while she was in rehab earlier this year. Written on coloring pages, the pop star speaks out about her abuse and even names Dr. Luke as her abuser several times. The two are currently engaged in a vicious legal battle; Kesha has asked to be released from her contract with the producer and he is counter-suing the singer and her mother for extortion.

Even though the Ebola virus is not airborne, it’s spread through the contact of bodily fluids, this hasn’t seemed to stop rapper Cam’ron from attempting to protect the public. He branded some new merchandise and you can now purchase an Ebola air mask for the low price of $19.99. Also, this is only a pre-order, so if you contract the virus before the mask is able to ship on November 7 then it’s on you. We did note that Ebola is not airborne, right? Okay, good.

Two radio stations in San Francisco have decided to ban Lorde’s hit single “Royals” throughout the duration of the World Series; where the San Francisco Giants will be facing off against the Kansas City (you guessed it) Royals. 104.5 KFOG and 96.5 KOIT have refused to play the track until the series is over as a show of support for their hometown team. KFOG addressed the issue on their FB page, stating, “No offense, Lorde, but for the duration of the World Series, KFOG Radio will be a “Royals”-free zone. We’re sure you understand.” Although this all sounds incredibly ridiculous, baseball players and fans are known for being superstitious to the extreme and Lorde’s song does, in fact, have a little something to do with the sport. The Guardian pointed out that in an interview with VH1, Lorde said that she wrote the song after seeing a photo of Royals hall-of-famer George Brett in his team jersey and she did meet Brett earlier this year. So let’s see if banning any mention of “Royals” will be enough to win the Giants a pennant.

Now, since it’s Monday, let’s all watch Kevin Hart revive his rapper persona Chocolate Droppa to take on Kendrick Lamar. Let the procrastination commence!