Bryan Ferry Shares New Songs, Roxy Music Breaks Up (For Real This Time)

Andrew Parks

By Andrew Parks

on 11.04.14 in News

The hiatus Roxy Music has been on since their 40th anniversary tour a few years back appears to have turned into a proper break up. According to a Rolling Stone interview with guitarist Phil Manzanera, the band doesn’t plan on playing any more shows or releasing a proper follow-up to their last record, 1982′s Avalon LP.

“When we stopped touring in 2011, [saxophonist] Andy [Mackay] and I looked at each other and said, ‘Our job is done here.’ Musicians like to do new things. It’s unfortunate for the fans, really, because they would like you to play the same old stuff forever and ever. And they go see it and they feel like, ‘Man, they aren’t as good as they used to be.’”

One thing folks can look forward to are “fantastic box sets” of Roxy Music’s first two albums (For Your Pleasure and their self-titled debut), featuring “all sorts of things; extra [Brian] Eno ingredients and stuff.” Also on deck is the latest solo effort of frontman Bryan Ferry, Avonmore, which he discussed on NPR this week while sharing a few new songs. One of which was recurring collaborator Johnny Marr, who plays lead guitar on “Soldier of Fortune.”

“Johnny is a very good spirit,” Ferry said. “I mean, he’s, he’s got a true rock and roll spirit. He lives the music and he’s fantastic. [This song has] a very sort of tender sort of bit of guitar, really, which started with this riff that Johnny was playing in the studio. And we built it up from that.”

Ferry also discussed the looming influence of Otis Redding and the Stax Revue. “That was the kind of road to Damascus for me, really,” he explained. “I was still at university. Still dreaming. And when I decided I really want to do this — seeing all of these people on stage, playing this beautiful music — that’s when it all kind of came together for me.”

Listen to Ferry’s new single below, and look out for the rest of Avonmore on November 17.