Brian Eno Shares Unreleased ’90s Ambient Outtake “Prague”

Marc Hogan

By Marc Hogan

Lead News Writer
on 10.29.14 in News

Last week, Brian Eno announced he’d be reissuing four albums from the ’90s, each with a companion disc of rare and previously unreleased music. The expanded reissues — of 1992′s Nerve Net, 1992′s The Shutov Assembly, 1993′s Neroli and 1997′s The Drop— are on the way December 2 via All Saints Records. Now, the label has shared one of the unreleased tracks, “Prague,” a languid, keyboard-based tone painting recorded around the same time as the ambient pieces that would become The Shutov Assembly. Listen to that below, along with “Fractal Zoom,” the fidgety synth-pop opening track from the rock-inclined, syncopation-obsessed Nerve Net. It should surprise no devotee of Eno that the artsy instrumental flits by in a radio-friendly less than three minutes, while the ostensible rock’n’roll song floats toward a spacey six and a half.